Important Documents

When patients consult a medical practitioner, they are asked to sign various releases. Often patients sign these documents without really reading them. This is a mistake. It is particularly important in mental health care to read these releases because mental health information is often very personal and sensitive.

It is important that you be fully informed about both the benefits and risks of mental health care, about the policies and procedures that I follow in my office, and when and under what conditions your private information may be released to outside agencies.

The documents listed below will allow you to be fully informed about mental health care and about the specific policies we follow in my office. You can download these documents in Adobe Reader format by clicking on the links below. If you don't have Adobe Reader, you can download it free by scrolling down to the bottom of the Directory on the left, and clicking the Adobe Reader link .

Registration Materials

If this is your first session, or if it has been six months since your last session, or if your information has changed, please click on the "New Patient Registration Form." Then download and complete it, and be sure to bring it to our first session so you won't have to complete it twice.

New Patient Registration Form (Click to download)

Release of Information Form

This document is the form to use if you want me to release information to another ptovider, or to someone else. Download the form and either give it to me at our next session or send it to me via mail or email

Release of Information Form (Click to download)

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